Citizens Access Account Minimum: $5,000  –  APY: 1.85%


What is Citizens Access?

Citizens Access online bank is an offshoot of Citizens Bank. This is their digital banking product that is geared towards younger users who are focused on a high yield online-only savings account. The online account is simple to use, and the transfer times are relatively fast. They post interest earned at the end of each month, and have clean, easy to read financial statements.

Why We Love Citizens Access

  • No fees, ever
  • Competitive APY & CD Ladder rates
  • Great user experience

How Citizens Access Could Improve

  • High minimum deposit of $5,000
  • Add a checking account (Citizens Bank has them)

The 1.85% interest rate is well above industry standards.



  • Competitive APY: Currently a 1.85% APY that pays out monthly
  • Free: No fees to maintain your account


  • High Deposit: Minimum $5,000 deposit to quality for the 1.85% APY, anything below that is a .25% APY (still better than most banks.
  • No Wire Transfers: Citizens Access does not offer wire transfers.
Not bad for a very safe investment

Certificates of Deposit


  • Great CDs: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 year CDs have a 2.00% APY.


  • Expensive: Minimum deposit of $5,000 for a CD.
  • Liquidity: You cannot easily get your money out of a CD.


User Experience


  • Great Customer Support: Even though there are no physical locations, you can still get help on the phone, through email or via twitter any day of the week.


  • No Branches: Not having physical locations to keep up is part of why they can offer such a competitive savings account APY.
  • No Checking Account: If you want to use one bank for everything, you’re out of luck. However you could use Citizens Bank to handle your checking.

Citizens Access Review: The Bottom Line

With a great online app, competitive savings and CD ladders and a great customer support team, Citizens Access provides a great savings account option for digital friendly users. If you need a physical branch or a checking account, you may want to reconsider.

If you are looking for a financial company with a wider range of products available, you may want to check out Wealthfront.